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CrossWave Maintenance

High Void Ratio To Avoid Urban Flooding:

The underground water space created by CROSS-WAVE controls flood of river and drainage caused by heavy rain, at the same time it also provide the environment through which stored rain water can be utilized according to necessity. A new relationship has come to existence between human & water. The reserved water can be used for daily life usage or industrial usage and can also be used at the time of emergency. It provides richness and calmness for our life.

CrossWave Main Application

Maintenance for inside a water storage

1. Structure of a water storage

Our concept is that setting up sand basin etc. at the inflow, purifying rainwater, and flowing toward the 'CROSS-WAVE' water storage. In order to maintain CROSS-WAVE, please get rid of deposits in the sand basin. In some cases, you can use jet nozzle to clean up if you can set up the ditch under the CROSS-WAVE.
We will advise appropriate solutions for maintanance according to your setting of storage.

Reference for connecting inflow and outflow of the basin

Reference for inflow and outflow are installed at different positions

Reference for connecting inflow and outflow of the basin (large scale)

2. inspection hole

You can check condition inside the CROSS-WAVE if you will set up some inspection plates. Or you can use rake out deposits endways by using jet nebulizer with the nozzle toward backward direction.

Inspection hole

Inside of CROSS-WAVE

Cleaning nozzle

Cleaning test

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