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Cross Wave

Quick & Easy way to make underground water tank for Rain water harvest & Water reuse.

CrossWave was first launched in Japan by Sekisui Techno Molding Co., Ltd. In 1998. Since then more than 4000 projects were completed counting over one million cubic meters of water storage amount. Sekisui Techno Molding is the market leader in Japan, and now, CrossWave is locally available in India from Sekisui DLJM Molding. The CrossWave system is stacked in staggered array, so it is very stable and confidently introduced by many customers. Sekisui’s CROSS-WAVE reduces rainwater runoff and proposes effective use of rainwater.

CROSS-WAVE is a plastic material of underground rainwater storage / recharge system constructed by piling up. Since it was launched in 1993, it has established the number one position in the industry as achieving 3,800 cases of construction and 1,000,000m3 of total storage capacity. Especially, its staggered structure provides outstanding structural stability and security that it has been widely used.

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Cross Wave Projects in India

  • Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India Pvt Ltd, Manesar - 1800m3 (Recharge)
  • DMRC (Delhi Metro Railway Corporation) Delhi- 144m3 (Storage)
  • DLF - 9000m3 (Storage)
  • Haldiram Snacks ,Noida- 152m3 (Storage)
  • Honda Banglore- 285m3 (Storage)
  • Maeda Factory, Neemrana- 215m3 (Storage)
  • Honda Banglore- 285m3 (Storage)
  • Infosys Mysore- 196m3 (Storage)
  • Infosys Chandigarh 196m3 (Storage)
  • Sreevalsam Kerala 326m3 (Storage)
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