Our Organisation

The primary activity in all centres of SEKISUI DLJM is research and development in specific areas of injection molded parts for automotive, white goods etc. Across all these centres, we span a wide range of topics in Molding machines. Broadly, we can divide the R&D activities into two broad classes: the enabling technologies and application verticals. The research activities are usually driven by specific application areas, and hence mostly applied in nature.Our technology solutions are based on cutting-edge research and have been implemented by hundreds of automotive experts across the globe.


  • Unigraphic NX 11.0 -3 Seat (India)
  • Autocad (India)
  • Catia (Japan)
  • Espri (Japan)
  • Cae (Japan)
  • GEO Magic by 3D Systems 2 Seats

  • VMM

    CASS Test Equipment

    CMM Nikon

    DFT Meter (Fischer)

    3D Scanner (FARO Arm)

    Plating Wet Lab

    Polymer Test Lab

    Thermal Cycle T Equipment

    R & D Center